Compressor without tank

by Ramandeep Singh
(Alwar, India)

Hello Bill

Greetings from india!

i would like to discuss with you something special about the topic of compressor without tank

I required a compressor which can provide continuous air on CFM ratio of 4 to 8 with 40 to 60 Psi ... but at the same time i would not like to have a tank in the system.

I need this specification without tank.

Can you tell me either this is possible or not
if yes than how can i get it?

Your suggestions will be valuable for me


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May 05, 2017
Pressure relief
by: Bill

The regulator will reduce the pressure to whatever you set it for. If you have a 150 PSI air compressor, and the regulator is set for 40 PSI, then downstream of the regulator the air will stay at 40 PSI.

The other issue is flow.

No, I wouldn't use a PRV in this circuit. felt there was too much flow at the 40 PSI (or whatever the regulator is set at) then I would use a small gate or ball valve upstream from the regulator to reduce the flow, and use both the valve and the regulator to modulate the flow to where I needed it.

You will need to address the issue of the compressor itself, as to whether or not it can be modulated too, so that it's not continuously producing more flow and pressure than the downstream app can use.

That may be the place for the PRV, upstream from the valve, but I cannot be sure since I do not know the make or model of compressor and whether or not it has some sort of unload device to prevent over pressurization.

May 05, 2017
Reduction in pressure just after the compressor
by: Raman

hello Bill,

please tell me if i have a compressor of 3 HP which actually provide 150 psi maximum, and i am not using tank in the system.

now if i would like to have 40 to 60 psi from compressor than can i get it by assemble Air Regulators and Pressure Relief Valve just after my compressor outlet line.

Air Regulators can provide the desire pressure and Pressure Relief Valve will relief the extra air.

is this ok ? am i right?

May 03, 2017
And the correct answer is....
by: Anonymous

You can use a Hydrovane, bit pricy but will do the trick.

May 03, 2017
Thanks but...
by: Bill

That would have been useful info to have up front, Raman.

Maybe you'll need to run a generator with your gasoline engine and run the compressors from the generator?

May 03, 2017
thanks but....
by: Raman

Ya Hi Bill,
i have checked the link that you have shared,
but i would like to have a compressor that i can use with my gasoline engine

May 03, 2017
by: Bill

Sure, it's doable. You may need to put a couple of compressors in parallel.

This type might be interesting:

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