by George Arboleda
(San Jose, CA)

I have an old model Air compressor 12 Gallon 1 Horsepower. My problem is, when you plug the in it’s look like the AC outlet it might be shorted and gonna burn my fuse.

If I knock the motor body with the plastic hammer and then it gonna start the motor and when the pressure will reach the maximum set up and then the motor will create noise and then the power with kick my fuse burn.

Please let me know what issue is this? In my opinion I am thinking that the capacitor is the main problem but I don’t know yet where I am going to buy this.

Please I need your help.


Hi there George… so, when you plug in the air compressor it “looks” like the plug is going to short?

Hard to be specific with an answer not knowing the make and model of compressor.

Your compressor symptoms suggest to me that you have a short in the compressor and if this were mine I’d start by checking to see if the pressure switch was operating properly.

That you whack on the motor to get it going also suggest that your compressor motor may have a centrifugal start mechanism that is failing.

Depending on how much time you want to spend on this compressor George, you can pick up a low-cost 1 HP compressor for under $100 dollars these days, and you could either replace the entire power train of your existing compressor with the new one, or, use the existing compressor only as an extra tank, and fill the tanks on both air compressors from the new one.

If you are a tinkerer though, then there will be lots of value to you in trying to figure out what’s going on with the older air compressor.

Please add a comment here with your findings so we all be updated.

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