Compressor will not fill up with air.

by SueP
(Seansea, MA)

Turned comp on for the first time only to hear air and will not fill up.

I am an apprehensive female using these tools for the first time.

I have no clue about anything. Watch a You tube video which helped tremendously so between that and the horrible instructions that came with the unit, I am getting by with the basics.

When you start talking mechanically, forget about it.

Now I do hear a lot of air on the outside of the tank that I think is coming from the check valve.

I think I saw water around the coupling or nut.

Can you help me. I so needed to have this working today. Thank you.

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Apr 11, 2015
me again
by: Anonymous

You said it is new. Call and /or take it back to the store after you read the directions. May be the open valve on the bottom but if it isn't there are usually people there who can help you without spending money at a shop and the store will usually replace a new purchas with little effort.

Apr 11, 2015
check the valve on the bottom of tank
by: Anonymous

There is a valve on the bottom to drain water out which builds up in the tank as the compressor runs. This is normal and should be opened after every use to drain the water. (Sometimes more)

Your compressor may have ben shipped with this valve open and you just need to shut it.

My newest central pneumatic compressor had a very cheap one which leaked right out of the box. I always put something better anyway so no big deal but now it won't go above 75psi. Brand new. I got my old one same type running which I've had for 7 years. Go figure.

Apr 07, 2015
Compressor will not fill
by: Bill

Be good to know make and model.

When you say "When you start talking mechanically, forget about it. " that suggests to me that you need to take your compressor to a repair shop, as even the basics require a comfort level with using tools etc.

You won't hear or see the check valve leaking. You may be hearing and feeling air from the unloader valve on the pressure switch, but I cannot tell from your post.

However, if you are feeling air coming out of the unloader valve (see that page here for details about what it is) and the air compressor is not running, then your tank check valve may be leaking.

Wish I could help more, but you have limited any assistance from us by declaring that you are not able to handle anything mechanical, and for sure, anything electrical.


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