Compressor very loud.

by M.L. Ford
(Louisville, Ky.)

New compressor "33 gal. upright". All seems to work as designed but is very loud. I can hear it inside my closed-up house from my detached closed-up garage. I have to walk outside of my garage while the compressor in running. Most compressors can be loud but this one seems much worse.

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Apr 16, 2015
by: Doug in

If you have a smartphone, there are sound level meters available. They may not be terribly accurate, but they can give a less subjective indication of loudness.

Apr 16, 2015
Loud air compressor
by: Bill

Subjective comments about compressor loudness are tough to figure out.

All lower cost compressors are loud.

In order to know if yours is "out of norm" you need to read the specs, see what the dB rating is for sound for that model, and then get a dB reading. Hard to do, I know.

However, if it's new, take it back, complain about the loudness, and demand a new one. Take the new one home. If it's the same level of loudness then that's the norm for that model of compressor. If the new one is quieter, you've resolved the issue already.

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