Compressor trip due Undervoltage alarm

by salim

compressore trip due Undervoltage alarm

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Dec 26, 2015
by: Anonymous

i will assume this is a variable speed compressor and the undervoltage fault is showing on the elektronikon board, likely mk5 graphic

when it shows undervoltage fault on board is it showing a fault number?

what is the compressor model and what type of drive does it have?

atlas copco has used abb, siemens, and yaskawa variable frequency drives in the past but recently switched to an atlas copco drive named neos - there are issues with the neos drive

i recently had the same problem on a ga55vsd unit that would trip every few days on this fault, i replaced fuses in main disconnect after confirming my incoming voltage was correct and have not had this unit trip since

Dec 26, 2015
Atlas Copco trips due to under voltage
by: Bill

Salim, it's always helpful to know the model of Atlas Copco compressor you have, and any other information you can provide.

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