Compressor to run four blow guns?

by Jasper Tan
(Manila, Philippines)

Schematic of air circuit requirements

Schematic of air circuit requirements

Schematic of air circuit requirements
Powercraft model PACO 60140 air compressor

Hi! I just want to ask What type of compressor to use for 4 engine cleaning guns working at the same time?

Compressor model: Powercraft model PACO 60140, its a china made compressor with motor HP 6hp oiless direct driven

I have a compressor able to give out 30 cfm of air. Working pressure range is between 85-115 psi. and tank capacity of 140 Liters. I'm going to use it dry up wheels of 10 wheeler mining trucks after being cleaned up with pressure washers. I'm also going to use 4 air blow guns simultaneously to do this operation. The target output pressure for each gun is at 80 psi.

I tried doing a trial run unfortunately only when I reach 30 psi that the compressor is able to cope up with the output air requirement.

Any suggestions how to remedy this situation? Will it be advisable to add a spare tank for additional air volume? Thanks. Any recommendation is highly appreciated.

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Oct 10, 2014
Compressor size and capacity
by: Bill

Hi Jasper...

One of the key pieces of information you don't provide is the flow rate of the blow guns, and typically they flow tons and tons of air.

Until you know what their flow is at the pressure setting on the regulator, no way can you figure out how big an air compressor and air compressor tank are needed.

The frequency with which you use the 4 guns simultaneously is also important, and could be the key issue when deciding if a bigger compressor or bigger tank will suffice.

See the pressure drop page on this site for an idea of how much air flows through an open orifice to get some idea of what's passing through your blow guns.

Add a comment here with more questions if you wish.

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