Compressor tank will only fill a portable tank half way

by Stephan Smith
(Swartz Creek, MI)

I have a small compressor and tank that has a gauge showing about 110 psi when it auto shuts problem there.

I recently bought an inexpensive portable pressure tank (5 gal)to use to fill tires around the household, etc.

When I use the compressor tank to fill the portable, it will only fill it to half the pressure of the compressor tank.

Is there some pneumatic physical law that I'm unaware of the causes this?

The hoses on both tanks are rated to 200 psi and the portable tank is rated to 125 psi. Thanks!

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Dec 14, 2015
Fill tank
by: Bill

If you double the volume, you halve the pressure.

Is your air compressor on when you fill the air pig tank?

If so, if the balanced pressure (when air stops flowing to the portable tank) between the two tanks is higher than the cut in pressure of the compressor pressure switch, then the compressor cannot restart and build pressure further to cut out at 110 PSI.

If this doesn't help, provide details about the compressor here, the cut in pressure settings, and the actual tank pressure of the compressor and the tank pressure of the air pig when it stops filling.

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