Compressor Starts ONLY if I hold in valve on cylinder head

Central Pneumatic 94667 air compressor

Central Pneumatic 94667 air compressor

My CP compressor is brand new. Once the prep steps were completed it started and filled the tank fine. I ran the tank down a ways and tried a manual restart. The motor spun a few turns and then sort of locked up. Flipping the on off switch will repeat this endlessly. Sometimes it throws the reset.

Now, I am able to get it running if I hold in the little valve on the cylinder head....well actually hold it in and let it release at just the right time.


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Oct 28, 2014
by: Bill

The cold start valve likely releases any air over the cylinder piston as the compressor is trying to start, reducing the load that the motor has to overcome.

In my opinion all home compressors are only marginally able to start when in perfect condition on a home circuit, and if there is any kind of minor impediment to the compressor starting, it can't get enough power from the 120 VAC circuit - 15 amp breaker - to get going.

You've, I think, answered the issue yourself by trying to run it on a 15 amp with issues, when it ran fine on a 20 amp circuit.

It were me, I'd find a way to get a 20 amp dedicated circuit to run the air compressor in the basement.


Oct 28, 2014
yes, looked at head
by: owner

The valve that I need to play with to get it started is in the cylinder head. I think it's called the cold start valve or start valve according to the manual. It works fine in my garage and now doesn't in the basement - 20 amp garage circuit, 15 in basement. It's like it just didn't have enough power to get the motor running unless I manually play with that valve that I think removes air from the head. I hate to have to take it back but probably should. Seems smarter than replacing the valve myself.

Oct 28, 2014
Cylinder head valve
by: Bill

I can only assume that if your 94667 is like the one in the photo I included, that you have removed the shroud to have a look at the valve in the cylinder head?

The problem is, I can't see it.

In the event that another 94667 compressor owner cannot chime in here and help, it would be useful if you were to start a new thread in this forum, and add four images of your compressor pump, one from each side, so we could have a look and try to figure out what is going on.



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