Compressor runs extremely hot won't shut off!

by Troy Greenley

Runs extremely hot. Builds pressure but won't shut off. Changed pressure switch. Same thing. Oil is dark when I changed it.

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Dec 20, 2016
Max Air won't cut out
by: Bill

We all appreciate the update Troy, as someone else with the same compressor and same problem will benefit, I'm sure.

Dec 20, 2016
Extremely hot
by: Anonymous

I have ordered new seals for both sides and heads for the side that got extremely hot as per service tech

Dec 15, 2016
Won't get to cut out
by: Bill

If the compressor runs and runs but the tank pressure never gets to cut out, then the motor will get very hot, and either turn off on thermal safety cut off, or burn out.

This is a new situation, and I suspect that you've got a pump problem. There are a few things you should check before tearing down the pump.. Oh wait! :-)

-is the intake filter plugged
-with the intake filter off and the compressor running, is air huffing out of the intake filter
-can you stop the air coming out of the pump to the line going down to the tank (wear a glove)

These are a few of the things to check.

Also, when you reassemble the pump, ensure that new gaskets are used, as a failed gasket is often the cause of a compressor pump reaching a pressure plateau, and going no higher.

Dec 15, 2016
Won't shut off
by: Troy

Cut in was 100 cut out was 130. Seems as what ever I set the cut out at it almost reAches it but won't shut off. I just pulled the heads off and look a little dirty

Compressor if a max air 7.5 horse. Bought at tsc and Home Depot I do have the compressor to close to a wall. But why all of a sudden this.

Dec 15, 2016
Too hot compressor
by: Bill

Tell me Troy, you say the compressor gets to 100 PSI... what is the cut out pressure for this compressor?

In other words, if it was working well (wish I knew the make and model) and the compressor started and ran until it's normal stopping pressure, what is that?

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