Makita MAC2400
by: Bob R.

I have a Makita MAC2400 that is approximately six years old. It just started running nonstop and the pressure in the tank and the regulator pressure both stop on 60 PSI.

Makita MAC2400 air compressor
Makita MAC2400 air compressor

I can empty the tank so there’s no pressure at all and when I turn it back on it is quiet and sounds like normal however it just runs without building up to the normal cut off pressure.

I hate the idea of starting to switch out parts without knowing what might be the main reason it started doing this.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Bob, that sounds as though the pump can build pressure to a certain level, in this compressor case 60 PSI, but when the tank pressure gets there, instead of more air being pushed into the tank, something has failed in the pump at that pressure to prevent that.

That something, and this issue is replicated in time by almost all small reciprocating compressors, is that a gasket between the low and high pressure side of the pump valves lets go at that pressure. When that happens, air cycles back and forth instead of being sent into the tank.

The compressor keeps running, seems to work fine, but no further air build up takes place.

I suspect an valve and gasket kit purchase is in your future, and a tear down of the pump to replace these items.

Good luck and keep us posted if you will.

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