Compressor pump heat build up and motor hums.

by Bill
(Denver co 80022 usa.)

Frist I have a century Gould motor rpm 3450 , 8150240-2 13-6/ 68, 115/230, it is 125 psi. I have it 220 wire from first day I brought the compressor,it hums, I change capacitor 139852-45 , it still hums, I use my rubber stick an give the compressor fly wheel a very gentle nudge it starts , shut it off and switch it on runs then shut it off try to start the motor just hums again. I use it when it runs to pump up my tractor tires when they need air, 100 lbs , the top of the compressor get so hot you cant hold you hand on it for 2 seconds. I can`t find the name of pump, I took the belt of off pump an turn the pump fly wheel by hand it has resistance but not to much effort you can turn it complete around, how hot dose the top of the pump should be, how do you check if pump is bad and that is why the motor just hums it just start it I had this compressor least 27 year's. motor starts ok without the pump. just gets a little warm, nothing to worrie about. when I run it, it pumps air fast up to 125 lbs, and it works like new.
can you email me back with answerer,
thank you

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Apr 02, 2017
Compressor pump
by: Doug in

If the motor has another capacitor, it may be the problem.

If it has only one (start) capacitor, then you'll want to check the switch at the end of the motor shaft, which controls that capacitor. It may be stuck open, or dirty so it doesn't pass current to start the motor.

As to the heat at the head, that's pretty normal, unless you know for a fact that it ran much cooler in the past.

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