Compressor PRV valve opens before the pressure builds.

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by Guy
(Calgary, AB. Canada)

My PRV valve opens before the pressure builds to where it should be. I replaced the PRV and it’s still opening before the right pressure builds.

The gauge shows between 90 & 100 lbs when it opens but the switch is rated to 150 lbs.

This happens while the pressure is building.



Compressor PRV valve opens
by: Bill

If the compressor is oil lubed and has some years on it, it is possible that oil is migrating past the piston ring into the tank, and then into the discharge tube. As it flows to the discharge coupler, that same air, with oil, can lubricate or contaminate the PRV, and the lube reduces the friction, allowing the PRV to crack open early.

That you’ve replaced the PRV and the issue is still occurring is a concern.

Two questions… is the new PRV for sure the right cracking pressure, and the second, did the new PRV crack open first time you used the compressor, or did it work for a while?


Type of compressor?
by: Doug in

From the sound of it, you likely have either an oil-less, or two stage oiled machine.
Can you say which?

Better, probably, can you give the make and model and upload a pic or two?

If it’s a two stage, it probably has two PRVs. Then the question is, is it the PRV on the pump, or the one on the tank, after the second stage?

Let us know, will you?

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