Compressor only "clicks" when turned on

by John French
(Louisville, ky)

Central Pneumatic air compressor model 94667 (Photo:

Central Pneumatic air compressor model 94667 (Photo:

compressor only "clicks" when turned on,do I need a pressure swtch?

Don't know for sure, John.

Empty the tank, start the compressor, pull the pressure switch cap, and multi-meter the line going to the motor circuit.

If power is flowing, it isn't the switch.

Check that out then post your findings as a comment here.


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Feb 26, 2013
compressor only clicks when turned on
by: John

Thanks, Bill, But in your reply, you said to start the compressor, but it won't start, just clicks. there WAS power under the switch prssure plate, we had power, then no spins, and more ideas? THANKS!! John
If you have power coming into the pressure switch, and if there is no pressure in the tank, the power should be flowing through the switch to the motor circuit.

Yet, if the fan is spinning, that suggests that power is flowing to the motor circuit, as I believe the fan is attached to the same motor shaft that cranks the pump. If that is the case, then your motor is running and it should be cranking the pump.

Please confirm that a) there is power flowing to the motor circuit from the pressure switch (you need a probe or multi-meter)
b)since you had to remove the shroud to see the fan, confirm that the fan is turning, and if it is on the motor shaft


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