Questions about compressor motor issues and how to deal with compressor motor problems, are cropping up more and more from the ASK page of late. I am a bit specialized in my knowledge of compressed air, I guess, in that I have worked on compressor pneumatic circuitry for years, along with specifying air valves, cylinders etc.

Now I get asked more and more about compressor motor issues, and I am not the guy that has all the answers, for sure. I don’t fix electric motors myself, and I am not an electrician.

compressor motor and compressor motor problems

Air compressor motor

Lots of other air compressor owners do have experience in dealing with compressor motor issues and electricity though, and so I have put this forum page up and invite folks with questions to post them, and folks with answers to provide advice.

If you have a compressor motor problem that isn’t already discussed in this forum, please use the form below to add your question. If you read about a question that you can answer, comment on that posting if you would.

I will help where I can. I would appreciate some help from you too.



New Compressor Motor Issues – Please add your comment here along with photos to help others help you with your compressor and equipment problem!