Compressor has no air build up

by David

My compressor runs, but air does not build up in the tank. The valve on the bottom of the tank is closed. what could be the problem?

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Dec 03, 2016
Where did you get parts?
by: Anonymous

Hi I have the same problem a broken reed valve but can't find parts to save my soul.

Jun 01, 2015
no build up in tank
by: Tim

Called the number for service, has a broken valve assembly. $15 shipped

Jan 28, 2015
Will not build air in tank
by: Bob

My thoughts are reed valve broke or shaft from motor to compressure broke

Nov 27, 2014
No air
by: Bill

There are quite standard reasons why an air compressor runs but doesn't build pressure.

The reasons are found under the troubleshooting section.

Have a look at the appropriate page and then add a comment here with what you found, K?


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