Compressor has bad belt slap

by Bill
(Philly, PA)

I built a Devilbiss 445 with parts i had laying around. The tank is a 200 gal. Devilbiss with a right and left compressor pad, prob. set up for center mounted electric motor.

The first rendering was with a 13 hp gas engine and 4" motor sheave, which spun the pump just fast enough to be in spec. This was a proof of concept thing, i knew the engine wouldn't last, and it didn't.

Now I have a 28 hp Diahatsu diesel, i'm using a 8.25" sheave and a 3 groove BX105 banded belt. The issue is with both motors, i have the most insane belt slap ever. Both the work and coast side of the belt.

I made a spring loaded idler pulley for the coast side, then added 3 more fixed. It helps but its just covering up the problem.

Is there some strange magic I don't know of going on here?

My main form of work is large scale HVAC so i know about belt alignment and all that stuff. If i didn't know any better id think the pulses from the pump are at war with the motor.

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Feb 07, 2017
bad belt slap
by: Doug in

Nice pump.

I take it you're certain that's the right belt for your sheaves?

And if you turn (*IF* you can) the pump by hand, it's not binding or anything?

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