compressor getting hot even though we change the oil

by james ross
(houston tx)

our compressor is working building the pressure but getting to hot we change the oil fifteen days ago.

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May 16, 2018
Compressor shuts down
by: jim at ccc

Compressor shuts down discharge oil over heats.

(Please start a new thread in this forum, and also identify the make and model of compressor you are inquiring about. Thanks - Moderator)

Jul 23, 2014
Overheating compressor
by: Bill

James, you don't indicate what the make is, what the HP or model number is, you don't give us any information on the operating temperatures (what temperature is the air the compressor is in-taking), so it's pretty hard to give you any specific responses.

How hot is too hot?

Compressing air builds a lot of heat. If a compressor is in-taking 90 degree ambient air for example, then the heat in the compressor pump will be quite a bit higher than that.

How long are you running the compressor at one time? Do you know what it's duty cycle is? If you exceed the duty cycle, the air compressor will overheat.

First read the pages on this site about why the air compressor generates water (that's heat related) and then please add a comment here with specific information about your air compressor.

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