Compressor for my home garage

by Daniel Lawson
(Raceland Kentucky)

I need a compressor for my home garage for doing auto mechanic, and body and paint work. I will only be using one tool at a time.

I only need to use one tool at a time in my home garage, but I want to make sure I have enough air to run each tool to it's full potential. I also want to be able to paint a full size sedan with an hvlp gun without having to stop and wait for the tank to refill.

The tools I use are: hvlp paint gun, d/a sander, air file, die grinder, angle grinder, cut-off wheel, air hammer/chisel, impact, air ratchet, body saw, and I'm sure a few others that I can't think of at the moment.

Any information that will lead me in the right direction will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Daniel Lawson

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Feb 06, 2018
Compressor for your garage
by: Bill

Daniel, HVLP means high VOLUME low pressure. While a small air compressor may provide the low pressure, will it have the volume the gun requires? You need to know the CFM requirements of it, and I expect the other high-volume air tools like the sanders, grinders and air file. All of these will chew up volume and typically at the 90+ PSI pressure range.

There's a reason why the corner garages (back when we had them) typically have a 5 HP, 220 volt compressor.

While I can't know for sure since you don't indicate what the air demand for the highest air-use tool you have is, it sounds to me like you are going to be doing a lot of air tool work, and to me, that means a 5 HP compressor.

First though, determine the air and pressure demand of the highest volume air tool, and use that to guide you. You can expect 3-5 CFM of air flow at 90 PSI pressure for each HP of air compressor motor size.

Typically a 220 volt is more efficient than at 120 volt compressor.

Let us know what you picked, will you?

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