Compressor fails to cick in.

by Nabeel
(South Africa)

I bought a new non return valve but it might be falty, the compressor runs full with no problem and cuts out as normal, but when its time to cick in the motor labours and it fails to start, if i release the 6mm pipe that is atached to the non return valve and the cut out switch the compressor runs and if i dont do that i must wait until the air is completly run out, is it a falty non return valve or if not what might the problem be. (Please help!)

Bill says...

Hi Nabeel. Nice to hear from you.

No, it's not your return valve, I don't think. I believe your problem is with your Unloader Valve.

If your unloader valve isn't working, the motor may not have enough strength to start the compressor against the air pressure trapped over the piston.



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