Compressor / dryer arrangement

by puvan

Here i have 1 unit of compressor ,air dryer and receiver. Now i need to know how to arrange in sequence in order to run the system perfectly.which unit comes first and then the second and finally the outlet


hello Puvan:

If it were me, I would have the compressor first, then the receiver as far away from the compressor as possible, and then the dryer, as far away from the receiver as possible.

The farther the air flows, the cooler it becomes, and the more water is removed from the compressed air by natural processes.

You will need lots of water traps to take our the free water that develops.

Keeping the dryer as far away as possible from the compressor and tank will help in cooling the air before it reaches the dryer, improving the dryer efficiency and lessening the load on the refrigerant or desiccant, or whatever type of dryer it is.

Read these pages for more info.



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