Compressor drain tap came loose and fell in tank?

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by Tellah Simon
(Lincoln Park, Mi usa)

My drain tap came loose and fell inside tank when I was releasing the pressure.

Can I buy a replacement drain tap at a hardware store? Or do I have to order online?

Are there any cheap fast fixes its Sunday and I need to be using my compressor immediately please help thanks!

I must confess that I’m a bit confused about how a tank drain could fall into a tank, since they are typically found on the bottom of the lowest point of the compressor air tank.

That is, unless you are talking about one of the silent type air compressors that have the tank drain accessible near the top of the tank, and which have a line from them reaching the bottom of the tank inside?

Yes, depending on what the part is you are talking about, if you find a brass fitting / valve on line or in a store that will do whatever it is you are talking about, and that will fit the thread, you can certainly use that, particularly if your compressor is off warranty.

Still, I wonder if you are talking about the tank drain… or what? Any chance you could upload a photo of the part, the compressor, and advise us what the model is?