Compressor blows fuse

by Kevin

my 110 compressor seems to start fine as long as I let air out to 40lbs When there is 80 lbs the motor starts seems to be running at right speed but I think I hear a buzzing noise then it blows 15 amp fuse in house.

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May 22, 2016
Compressor blowing fuse
by: Bill

It didn't appear from your original post that you had had the time to review all the pertinent pages on this site. I get this same question 10-20 times a week, and I try to add pages that cover all troubleshooting on compressors I can think of. Missed yours, I guess.

Compressor "keeps making a vibrating or buzz noise" you said. You also said that it blows a 15 amp fuse in your original post.

Regardless, a humming or buzzing compressor typically indicates that if your power supply is good, and you are not using an extension cord a humming air compressor motor is frequently caused by a dead or dying compressor motor start capacitor. See the troubleshooting page and follow the link to testing capacitors to find out if yours is causing the problem. If so, you will need to replace the start cap.

And this "compressor seems to start fine as long as I let air out to 40lbs" is a symptom of a capacitor failing or an unloader valve that is not unloading.

I can't be any more specific than that as I - and the many folks that contribute to this site - have no idea of the make or model of your air compressor.

May 21, 2016
i didn't see any question about motor almost or up to speed
by: Anonymous

It not like others that are barely turning over and blow fuse. This is running for almost 10 seconds at the right speed but keeps making a viberating or buzz noise. Than blows a 20 amp fuse

May 21, 2016

by: Bill

If you have a compressor problem, first, please look at the troubleshooting section to find pages with common, cross-brand, air compressor problems and solutions.

The answer is there already, Kevin.

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