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Your compressor blows breaker or fuses? Is it a compressor electrical issue? Here is where you can ask or find out!

Please note I have a healthy respect for electricity. I know that if I am well grounded 120 VAC can kill me. I also know that 220 VAC will finish me quite quickly if I am not very careful.

Folks, if you are working on the electrical part of your air compressor, don’t take any risks. Make sure that the power supply is off!

Air Compressor Blows Circuit Breaker When Running.html
Air Compressor Blows Circuit Breaker When Running.html

This page provides another user location to post questions about why a compressor would blow a breaker or a fuse, and, if you’ve got some ideas about answers to any of the questions already posted, do us all a favor and add them.

If you do not see an answer about why your air compressor is blowing breakers already posted, then do please use the form at the bottom of the page to ask your question.

We all have more information in our collective knowledge base than just one person can have, so feel free to chip in.

I am relying on others with more electrical experience than I to help if they can, with our thanks.



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