compressor barely running

by tony

Hi Bill,

My Campbell Hausfield 60 Gal compressor will just barely run when I turn the switch - motor squeals, hums smokes begins to turn slowly then quicker, then slower again - I replaced the motor, and pressure switch but no improvement. Any thoughts? Thankyou

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Dec 14, 2015
Campbell Hausfield not running
by: Bill

Tony. that it's a 60 gallon is important, but so too is the HP of the motor, the model number, the installation location, the power supply.. and so on. These are just a few of the things that your question doesn't include.

And that you didn't see that there was a Campbell Hausfeld section, complete with a forum for those with a Campbell Hausfeld compressor.

And, further, since you didn't include your email address for notification, the fact that I would normally move this post to the C.H. forum and pages would mean that you would have no idea where your question - and any answers - went.

See the troubleshooting pages for detailed information about why your C.H. compressor is asking as it is. After that, if you have another question, by all means, post it as a comment.

In particular, look at the info about start and run capacitors.

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