Compressor automatically empties when i turn it off

by Gary

I spotted a leak on one on the joints yesterday so i fixed it with thread tape. When i started it up to check the joint, it got up to pressure ok but when i turn it off it released the air like it had activated a pressure switch. Is this normal or do i have a problem somewhere? It is a 2hp 50L and wasn't doing this before i fixed the joint.

Bill says...

Gary, you either haven't explained, or I'm not smart enough, to understand from your post where the air is coming from?

I suspect though that if the air is bleeding out the unloader valve (often right beside the pressure switch) that you have a problem with your tank CHECK VALVE. Have a read of that page for details. Might as well have a read of UNLOADER VALVE too to see how they work together.

I don't think that fixing the fitting/joint has anything to do with your leak... but then, I've been wrong before! :-)



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