Compressor Air Pressure Regulator

by Alex

Air Power air compressor

Air Power air compressor

hi, i have recently bought a small air compressor.

i havent really used it yet and cant find much information about it as here in malaysia they have alot of generic brands.

watching one of your videos about air regulators, i realized that mine has one too (i think). its the big knob in the middle.

when i turned it, i noticed that one of the two gauges drops so i am assuming that is the one showing the regulated air pressure. however, i have noticed that the gauges are connected to each outlet (i have 2 outlets). i have attached a picture to show you what i mean. i hope you can spend a little time to help me out.

Hi Alex. Thanks for including the photo though, unfortunately, when I enlarge the image to see the regulator setup, it's a bit pixilated.

I am gong to guess that it's the air gauge on the left that moves as you rotate the knob (yes, that knob is the air regulator pressure adjustment).

If so, then the regulator is modulating the air pressure to the discharge coupler on the left, and that suggests that the discharge coupler on the right is getting air directly from the tank (no regulated) or the regulator is modulating both discharge couplers to the same pressure. That I cannot see from the photo.

If you wish to start a new thread, upload a few more closeup photos of the regulator area from both side and straight on so I can see that area more clearly.


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Jan 19, 2014
Latest Update
by: Alex

hi latest update: i have tried the knob, and yes i did notice the pressure drop on the left gauge. i tested both by turning the knob to 0 and tested each outlet and you were right! the left gauge that was went to 0 did not have any air coming out and the right outlet had full pressure.

Jan 15, 2014
by: Alex

hi, thank you so much for the quick response. i will take a close up picture of it and send it to you as soon as i can.


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