Compressed Air Videos

This page provides access to a number of useful instructional videos about various parts of the typical air compressor. If you are new to air compressors, they will be a very valuable set of tools to help you better understand your air compressor.

Some of the compressed air videos advise how to fix certain components or how to change them out. Others tell where to get replacements for that specific component.

Compressed Air Videos

Important Compressor Safety Device:
       The Pressure Relief Valve

All air compressors will have a pressure relief valve. Some air compressors will have more than one, depending on the compressor plumbing and the number of cylinders.

This safety device is critical, and is one that is often overlooked. Periodically, it needs to be tested to be sure that it's working and the Presure Relief Valve is ready to go to work to prevent a catastrophic overpressurization.

About Air Compressor Lubricating Oil

If your air compressor is oil lubricated it will need compressor lubricating oil added from time to time. Running air compressors consume lubricating oil, some more, some less.

You do not want to use automotive engine oil in your air compressor due to the additives they contain.

What do you do when you don't know the oil for your air compressor? Find out with this instructional video about air compressor lubricating oil.

About Air Compressor Regulators

There appears to be a lot of confusion about what an air regulator does, and how to adjust it properly.

If you are not sure, watch this video About Air Compressor Regulators.

And, if you want extensive information about compressor regulators in you electronic library, get your copy of Understanding Compressed Air Regulators. It's a low cost and 100+ page addition to your library of information ebooks.

About Compressor Air Gauges

The typical air compressor has a couple of air gauges. Here is all you need to know about compressor air gauges.