compressed air storage tank design

by fawaz
(karnataka, India)

I need to built a air storage tank where about 3 or 4 compressors will be used to fill the storage tank in order to provide continuous supply to different machines on my plant.

the problem that i am facing now is that we have 2 compressors that are bypassed to supply air to all the machine to run continuously in the plant, sometimes when there is more air consumption from another machine the other machine stops working due to low pressure.

After doing some research i found out that installing a air storage tank can over come this problem. since i have no clue in designing the volume, pressure to be maintained in the tank. i would request you to give me the necessary parameters required in building the tank.

currently i have 3 compressor of 220 l tank capacity, displacement of about 415 lpm each. two of the compressor are running with 5 HP motors and one is running with 7 hp motor. max pressure of 12 bar

the pressure required in all machines are within 10 bar.

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Sep 28, 2016
compressed air storage
by: Doug in

Not sure I understand the present set up. What do you mean by "bypassed"?

And does you third compressor contribute to the supply where the low pressure occurs? If not, maybe that's all you need to do.

When this happens, how long does it last?

Finally, it sounds like only two machines, when run together, overload the supply - if that's so, perhaps they can interlocked such that only one is allowed to work at a time? It seems this is rare enough that it could be done without severely impacting production.

Sep 16, 2016
Air tank design
by: Bill

Fawaz, I am not in a position to design custom compressed air tanks for you.

You have to determine what capacity those tanks have to be to enable them to supply the air flow necessary.

The rough "how to" plumb the tanks is already covered on the pages of this site.

If an "engineer" wants to provide further assistance to Fawaz, that would be welcome indeed.

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