Complaint about TA2040 and Tractor Supply

by Tony Holmstrom
(Golden Valley MN)

I purchased a TA2040 from tractor Supply Store 605 Ticket #220439 on 8/30/18.

The compressor worked fine the first few times I used it. Now it will not build pressure. It ran for over 5 minutes and reached a pressure of 50 PSI, I let it sit for a day and ran it for another 5 minutes, and it reached 75 PSI.

I checked for water in the tank, (minimal)

I did add the oil when purchased, and checked it. It was fine.

I called the 888 # and talked to someone with broken English that wanted to send me a pressure switch. The compressor starts and keeps running and does not build pressure. What good is it to replace the switch?

She said take it back to tractor supply and have an authorized service person look at it. I took it back to Tractor Supply and they said there was nothing they could do.

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Jan 01, 2019
TA2040 warranty out?
by: Doug in

So, the warranty is out?

Do you want to fix it yourself, maybe?

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