Complaint about Central Pneumatic compressor #61615

I have 3 Gal. central Pneumatic air compressor Model 61615 and I needed a new reset button for it.

I asked H. F. customer service for a replacement, here is their response.

“Unfortunately, the part you are requesting is not available as a replacement part from Harbor Freight Tools. You may exchange the item with your receipt as you have a 90 warranty.”

What a company!

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Jun 06, 2017
Help with reset switch
by: Wyman

I also have this model can't find a reset switch ?

Can you help me with any advise ?

Must be a flaw in the product !

Jun 08, 2015
No parts for #61615
by: Bill

Like many of the products that are imported for cheap sale here in North America, I would surmise that there is:

1) Not enough profit in low cost parts to make it worth selling them

2) So many models requiring so many parts that the cost of stocking nation-wide is cost prohibitive

3) The perception on the part of the big box stores that their customers are not interested in rebuilding cheap compressors

You can, often, substitute non-OEM equipment successfully, but that means experimenting and chasing down other parts. That many of the HF and other brand air compressors sell for under $100, makes the cost of the time involved and the cost of the parts - if available - oftentimes worth more than the new compressor.

If you buy a compressor from other than a big box store, you will often get parts from the compressor dealer you bought from. However, in almost every case, the compressor cost will be higher.

Sometimes you either pay up front, or pay at the end, but you will pay, nevertheless.


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