Compair Reavell Compressor issue

by Owen
(Perth Western Australia)

Hi Bill,

just having an issue with my Compair air compressor with it pressurizing the cooling system causing it to pump coolant out of the overflow onto the ground.

Model# VMP 5215

Serial# 227257

Max Pressure 500 PSIG

Volume 56 CFM

Year 1983

RPM 1460

Power 21 Kw

Any help much appreciated

Cheers Owen

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Dec 06, 2015
by: Brandon

you wont get coolant in the air side the pressure in the coolant is lower than any of the air chambers, you could try to determine which stage is leaking

If I'm thinking correctly the cylinders are lined and sealed to the water jackets with o' rings you need special tools to remove the cylinder liners they are tight.

from experience the most common fault would be the intercooler leaking on the tubes or the joints at the intercoolers, Reavell like to use o'rings but they can go hard and brittle.

there is usually a bursting disk fitted in the high pressure jacket which can burst open if pressure leaks from the high pressure end.

The coolers were normally removed yearly cleaned and the tubes reswaged and they are normally hydraulically tested .

Sep 03, 2015
by: Doug in

So, is it super hot or relatively cool coolant? If not very hot, could it be loose/bad radiator cap?

Sep 03, 2015
Pressurized Coolant system
by: Owen

This compressor is coupled to an electric motor, I'm thinking maybe one of the copper cooler tubes may have ruptured internally but I don't seem to have any coolant on the air side.

Sep 03, 2015
by: Doug in

Engine or pump?

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