Compair Air Compressors

Compair air compressors include these types of air compressors:

  - Variable speed rotary screw compressors
  - Oil-free rotary screw compressors
  - Fixed speed rotary screw compressors
  - Rotary vane compressors
  - Reciprocating air compressors

The brand Compair is global, and has been in the compressed air, ancillary equipment for compressed air systems, and other industries - with a broad range of products - for 200 years.

In 2008 Compair itself was assimilated. They are now part of the Gardner-Denver group, making, perhaps, more difficult an already complex web of product information and support. It must have been a real challenge for them to keep things going as the integration of mammoth companies like Compair and Gardner Denver would be herculean in the details that would have to be attended to.

Some of the product brands assimilated by them over the years include:

  • Le Roi
  • Holman
  • BroomWade
  • Cyclon
  • Dresser
  • Hydrovane
  • Kellogg
  • Reavell
  • Luchard
  • Mahle
  • Mako
  • DeMag
Compair air compressor

If you own one of the brands of air compressors listed above, then Compair is your first choice for support and information. Since where you are in the world will affect what center you contact for compressor help, find your Compair support location by visiting:

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Compair Compressor Manuals
Click link to download the manual of choice, then save it to your computer for future reference:

6075 Pre-Sure Scan
Compair Broomwade Air Ends
Compair Zitair 70D
Compair Cyclone Range
Compair Cyclone 3 manual
Compair BroomWade #6010EA
Compair Holman Zitair 250
Compair L02-L05 Compressors
DLT 2701/DLT 1303 - Cummins QSB 6.7/4.5 Quick Reference
DELCOS 3100 electronics with base load selection circuit (option) for stationary, speed-controlled, screw compressors (LSR series)
Power Converter 98155-13
Hydrovane Parts and Service Manual 501/502 Series
DELCOS 3100 electronics with Base Load Selection circuit (option) for stationary screw compressors
SR Drive information and troubleshooting

Compair Compressor Issues

Having an issue with your Compair air compressor? Here is where you can ask a question about it.

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Here are other visitor's issues with Compair Air Compressors

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Compair Model L18-9 cuts out at 12 PSI 
Hi thanks for the website and hope you can help. We have 2 Compair L18-9's and we cycle them back and forth every month...we are trying to keep them …

Compair cl30ss error 3 code 
What is the error 3 code mean? Does anyone have a manual I can buy.

Compair c17gs or h25-5sg operators manual needed  
We have recently acquired a compair c17gs compressor and we are hoping that somebody may be able to help us with a users manual for the machine. On …

Need Compair L11 service manual 
Hi, does anyone have a service manual for a Compair l11 air compressor? It starts from empty fine but when trying to start from a loaded start keeps …

Reset L45SR Access Code 
Hi there, Please, could somebody help? How can I reset Start Inhibited / Power Supply Fault on L 45 SR compressor (2004 year)? Phase control device is …

Service manual for a compair C175A compressor? 
Looking for a service manual for a Compair C175A compressor

Resurrect old Compair Kellogg Hydrovane compressor 
I have been working on all kinds of air compressors for over 20 years and have seen it all. I ran across an old Compair Kellogg Hydrovane compressor recently …

Parts for a Compair Holman 150 
Hello, im search parts for comperossor air holman 150. How much ( control module?) And where u from? Because im writing from poland. Good luck Sobieraj …

Get a Compair L22 Manual 
Does anybody know where I can get a user/service manual or documentation for a L22-9 compressor? All I can find is the brochure. Thanks in advance

Dresser 550a info  
I can not find any info on the dresser pump. I'd like to know what cfm it's capable of with different size motors and pump speeds. A service manual would …

Zitair 20 perkins engine 
Starts up and runs ok with air valves open ,warms up ok but then if you close air output valves engine bogs then stops .Perhaps not unloading? would that …

What oil is used for compair c25 towable compressor  
Whst oil is needed go compair C25 road compressor

COMPAIR L11 reset? 
The compressor shut down and would not start up, is there a reset on this ?

Need manual for Compair Broomwade 6000E 
hello, I need help with the manual of a Compaire Broomwade 6000E screw compressor, I am working it but I do not have the electrical drawings nor do you …

Compair 6000e won't switch off 
Compair 6000e motor keeps running won't switch off unless you hit stop button.... air loads and unloads... any ideas why motor keeps running?

COMPAIR ZITAIR 150 parts missing 
Hello, I own a copressor COMPAIR HOLMAN ZITAI 150 with PERKINS ENGINE , serila nr: PB423LLC001997. There are some parts that are missing but I don't have …

LeRoi 85psi air compressor seized up 
I was running my LeRoi air compressor and it seemed to be idling high then all the sudden it stopped. It will turn over but will not start. I can move …

Leroi 125 parts 
Looking for parts for a Leroi 125. I need a valve cover gasket and possibly an unloader valve. It runs but leaks oil around the cover badly. Also when …

No air coming out of compair 6075N 
Hi i have a compair 6075N. it's starting fine but no air is coming out checked every troubleshooting answer there is please help !!

Heavy startup Compair L-30/10A 
Compair L-30/10A has heavy startup.... Fault coming... what can I do? And, what is the intake regulator?

Help with a Le ROI 125 RDE ? 
Mid seventies maybe? Serial number 2023X254 with J D 4219 engine. I need to learn as much as I can about the air end and what kind of oil it needs. …

compair brooomwade 6000e expels air 
Hi, my compair 6000e has started to expels air out a small hole below the air filter and it just keeps running. The comp is used daily in the workshop, …

Power for a Wayne - Leroi Dresser 440A  
I have a Wayne Compressor with a Leroi Dresser pump model 440A. I bought it with a broken copper line (1" with cooling fins) which has been repaired and …

Change running of 660A Leroi Dresser compressor 
I have a 660A Leroi Dresser compressor that is a continuous run I want to change to cycle on off.

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CompAir Kellogg Cyclone 6050 CAH will not load 
Hi I have a CompAir Kellogg Cyclone 6050 CAH Air Compressor This compressor will not load at times. some days it will run but wont load. can you explain …

Compair 2130s overheating 
Hi,have a 2130s silensair that over heats and cuts out after about ten minutes continuous free blowing cleaning machinery. radiator is clean and small …

Need help working on a Compair 6000E F132 compressor. 
I am working on a Compair 6000E F132 compressor. Can anyone tell me where I can download a manual & wring diagram please

Compair leroi 250cfm shuts down 
Runs perfect for bout minute then shuts down like your turning it off. Must be one the safety sensors but which one. When u hold down bypass it …

CompAir L75SR Fault 23, Converter Fault 
Hi everyone: I have a 2008 year CompAir L75 SR compresor. it runs ok till Fault 23 appears in it´s Delcos. CONVERTER FAULT (23) Does anybody know …

feedback fault compair compressor D22  
I got a feedback fault D22 compair and I can't clear it. Any ideas???

Compressor oil type 
I purchased an older model Compair Kellog, LeRoi screw compressor. it did not come with a manual. Can anyone tell me what type of oil to use?

Compair 6025C2 Runs But Wont Build Pressure 
Compressor will run in continuous mode, but will not build pressure. When I switch over to auto mode it shuts down after a second and the standby light …

Help Reset Oil Change Hours Compair Leroi CL30SS 
Hello, I just serviced my Leroi Compair Cl30ss, and am having a hard time resetting it to turn off the service light. I changed out the oil and …

Air / oil tank relief opens and discharges oil ? 
when you press the boost switch the air / oil tank relief opens and discharges oil ? Compare Holman scn pb174lsc001346 (1060)compressor type h2150s …

Compair C30 Shuts itself down 
Hi, In desperate need of assistance. I have a Compair c30 with a Kubota deisel engine fitted. The machine starts and runs for around 10-20 seconds …

Compair C110 overheating 
We have a Compair C110, it overheats after 20 mins running. We have cleaned the coolers, changed the filters, changed the oil,replaced the thermostat valve …

Fault with B2 sensor on L250 Compair compressor 
Controller showing B2 sensor fault on Compair L250. What are the possible causes and solutions?

AirComp CompAir L132C overheat 
AirComp CompAir L132C overheat but Top fan (cooling fan located at ceiling) activated...why still have over heating problem? Currently load only at …

DLT 2701 oil not reaching the thermo screw 
After starting compressor (DLT 2701, C250TS-12 there is noise in the thermo screw, the pressure of the air rise and fall intermittently

COMPAIR 175 tow behind compressor regulators 
I have an older tow behind COMPAIR 175 cfm compressor.I need to regulate the air down to 50psi but still maintain the high volume to blow out my aggregation …

Dc link charge fault for Compair L120SR 
We facing DC link charge fault for Compair L120SR....any idea to troubleshoot this issue...any guideline troubleshoot manual book for this type fault... …

Compair L120SR has reset problems 
We have a L120SR showing shutdown fault....the fault is sr motor exceeded speed limits...unit will not let me reset it thru the controls which are the …

Compair Reavell Compressor issue 
Hi Bill, just having an issue with my Compair air compressor with it pressurizing the cooling system causing it to pump coolant out of the overflow …

Compair CR.185 silenced model kills engine unless hose shutoff is open 
The engine runs fine but unless the shutoff valve on the hose is open, it will kill the engine. Talked to Compair this morning but they say this model …


Help finding a compair Z-175A year 1989 manual 
i need the wiring diagram for a Compair 175 air compressor with a Isuzu engine. i had a fire in control box that spread right through compressor burning …

CompAir CL25ss runs for a few seconds and then shuts off. 
CompAir CL25ss Stationary Air Compressor 480 volt three phase with 120 volt control Was running fine and then shut off. Checked 2 amp fuse on …

L37S Compair compressor has direct rotation error 
L37S Compair compressor contactor draws in intake fan kicks on then motor should kick on but does not then gives direct rotation error motor is fine had …

compair rotary - oil in the air - how to fix 
have Compair rotary (year on it is 1981) Serial 484 Comp No. 7496 Unit GR175 Does it have an air dryer or oil separater to keep oil out of the air. …

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info on air dryers for Compair 
Compair rotary Serial 484 Comp no 7496 Unit GR175 Are there air dryer filters? If so, how do we get to them and parts suppliers?

Compair Broomwade does not replace air fast enough 
I have a compair broomwade cylinder type compressor that builds up to pressure, cuts off and holds the pressure fine. The problem starts when i try …

zitair 250 rebuild heads up 
Bill: coupla things - the link to here from the site map seems messed up. Has www,about....twice, so invalid page. on the manaula, yeas, I saw this …

Over haul Information for Zitair 260 
Good Afternoon, I have a Compair Holman Zitair 260 screw compressor which is in need of overhaul. I have spoken with my local Gardner-Denver office to …

Discharge of oil,water from Compair 75 
Compair 75 tow air compressor discharge of oil, water out my air pressure line. Solutions?

I can't locate the check valve on my LeRoi Dresser air compressor. 
Hi, I have an older LeRoi 80 gallon air compressor with a Dresser 500 2 stage compressor. It is leaking air through the bottom port of the unloader …

compair road compressor help please 
>COMPAIR ROAD COMPRESSOR Perkins prima 500 series engine, new head gasket. Starts and runs and revs fine. Cold start speed controller solenoid bypassed …

Compair L45SR with a fault over current 
we have been advised by Compair they suggest we have an inductive test on the motor what do you think

Compair CL30SS Rotary Screw Compressor pressure issue 
I have a Compair CL30SS Rotary Screw Compressor and I am having issues with the pressure. It reaches about 85 pressure and then the motor sounds like …

1995 compair holman pull behind; motor running, compressor not 
I have a 1995 pull behind Holman compare compressor; the motor is running but the compressor is not. Might be a "love joy" coupling issue.

Compair L 132 vs not loading 
compressor runs but will not load. Any suggestions?

compair 6100 running fine then continuously stops and shows stop busy on sure scan  
compair 6100 running fine then continuously stops and shows stop busy on sure scan

Help to find a manual for a model No CWD07-106  
I'm trying to find a manual for a model No CWD07-106 what would I Serch for? Serial No 086-000042-9502 Model No CWD07-106 I'm wanting to download …

Wiring diagram for compair kellogg 6050cal 50hp rotary screw compressor?  
looking for wiring diagram for compair kellogg 6050cal 50hp rotary screw compressor having problems loading and unloading

Compair Hollman compressor wont build pressure 
We recently purchased a drill rig with a Compair Hollman 600/250 compressor. It only operates on 100psi when hammering and drops to about 30psi when the …

How to check the oil level in my LeRoi Air Compressor 
how do i check the proper oil level in my LeRoi Air Compressor Model A5055 Serial # 4031X19 __________________ Happy to post this for you, Jim. …

Compair Dlt0206oil blowing oil out of the air cleaner intake 
Any ideas as to why my Compair Dlt0206 has oil blowing out of the air cleaner intake?

LeRoi/Dresser Rand compressor second stage prv pops off at 70lbs 
Bill, I have a LeRoi/Dresser Rand compressor with a 20hp 3 phase motor with a 200 gallon tank, model 770A. I have replaced the o-rings and felts on …


6100 controller showing fault 
hi i have model 6100ah compressor and sure scan controller contrller showing fault shutdown oil filter change due compressor not start how to correct …

Kellogg 452 Unloader -- Operation? 
I'm looking for troubleshooting/theory of operation info on a Kellogg-American Type 452 -- not a knock-off. I have a parts breakdown, and found a crack …

Compair 75 will not stop building pressure 
compair 75 compressor keeps building pressure to the point it cuts the 3 cylinder diesel motor out or overheats the motor, i use it mainly to operate …

Compair CT250 not starting 
I have CT250 compair portable compressor (powered by Cummins QSB6.7) which is down for 3 month due to not cranking. Actually engine is ECU controlled …

Cut out switches on Compair Holman 125 
Hi Bill I have the above compressor which I use to drive a lateral cutter which re opens connections in drains after they have been lined. The compressor …

compair holman 125 builds air but revs hard and does not slow down 
it runs and builds air but revs hard and does not slow down any ideas ____________________ Bill says... John, the pressure switch system on your …

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