Compair 2130s overheating

Hi,have a 2130s silensair that over heats and cuts out after about ten minutes continuous free blowing cleaning machinery.

radiator is clean and small radiator near engine is too,air filters clean.

compressor oil changed and filter thing inside and it's still overheating.

is that normal or should it be able to run continuously pumping without overheating?

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Nov 10, 2016
Compair 2130s overheating
by: Doug in

I'm not finding a diagram for this machine, but one thing to check would be the thermostatic oil valve. If it's not opening, you'll have hot oil recirculating, which is supposed to go through the oil cooler once it warms up.

So, if your oil cooler is staying fairly cool while you're getting hot air, that's the first thing to check.

Nov 07, 2016
Air I think
by: Anonymous

Air I presume, it is shutting down and seems really hot , even at end of hose, but I am using it free flowing nearly for cleaning machines so wondered if it's just that it's running at maximum output but even so it shouldn't heat up and shut down after six or seven minutes flat out use I don't think?

Nov 06, 2016
2130s overheating
by: Doug in

Is it the engine or the airend?

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