COMPAIR 175 tow behind compressor regulators

by Joe G
(Marshfield MA)

I have an older tow behind COMPAIR 175 cfm compressor.I need to regulate the air down to 50psi but still maintain the high volume to blow out my aggregation system. How do I do this at a low cost.


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Oct 28, 2015
Ball valve vs regulator
by: Bill

While Doug is right, a flow limiting valve in the line will produce a similar effect to an in-line regulator, what it lacks is control and a display to indicate what the resulting downstream pressure is.

A regulator, withits gauge to display the downstream pressure selected, will ensure that the pressure is right.

Does 1200 CFM provide the flow you want at that pressure? Is $200 too much to spend?

Your call.

Oct 28, 2015
by: Doug in

Depending on the method of connecting the thing, perhaps you can get away with a simple ball valve?

It could be direct in-line, or perhaps a "Y" configuration where (up to) most of the air would be vented, and adjusted so as to get your desired pressure at the unit under blow-out.

Please let us know what you decide, and send pix if you can!

Oct 28, 2015
COMPAIR 175 regulator
by: Bill

If you need high flow and low pressure from the line, you need to acquire a regulator that provides the flow required.

Low cost? That's a subjective call.

I took a look for a 2" air regulator and found a 1 1/2" that will flow 1200 CFM at a cost of around $200.

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