Comp Air L01 help with wires from air end

by Roland
(Bath, England)


I recently bought a broken Comp Air V01 with a seized motor.

I've replaces the motor and all is well except when I removed the air end months ago i forgot where the wires from the air and connect into the pressure switch(or that's where I think they go- it was a few months ago.)

I've run it very briefly to check rotation as I'm wiring 3 phase and all is well and it produces air but can't work out where the two wires go.

When I put a meter across the two mysterious wires from the air end I get about a 3 ohm resistance and can't see where on the pressure switch they would be wired into.

Annoyingly I can't even find a parts manual to even identify the part the wires come from.

I did look at the Hydrovane HV01 manual on here but that machine doesn't seem to have it. ( I thought it was the same machine just rebranded)

I 'm trying to find out before I run it up to full temp just in case its important so the integrity of the machine is still an unknown.

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Jan 31, 2019
loose ends
by: Doug in

Hmmm. OK, I'm confused, I guess.

Could you get a few pix of this thing and post?

Preferably one overall and any boxes on it, and both ends of the wires in question?


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Jan 31, 2019
Comp Air L01 help with wires from air end
by: Roland

You could be right about it being a temperature switch but there's no where on the pressure switch to attach them.

Its only got the 6 terminals 3 in and 3 out.

The wires don't look thick enough on the temp cable to make a through wired break circuit with a 2.2kw motor.

As I can't find a drawing I don't know if they are superfluous in my set up. (I hoped there might have been a simple over temp control on the pressure switch which made sense in my head.)

Or I'm missing something.

Jan 30, 2019
Comp Air L01 loose ends
by: Doug in

Just a swag - if they come from the air-end, they're probably a temperature sensor, and they'd go to the controller.

Ring any bells? (I haven't looked up the machine yet).

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