Common tripping breaker fix.

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by Kevin

Electrical tidbit here. Here’s a fix to try for a compressor tripping the breaker.

If your breaker trips shortly after the motor kicks in you might want to try replacing your standard breaker with a ‘high magnetic’ breaker.

A ‘high magnetic’ breaker has a delayed trip to allow for the high current draw when an electric motor starts.

Changed my standard 20A breaker to a high magnetic breaker and my tripping problems went away. They are not sold in home centers or hardware stores. Got mine from Grainger.

Hope this helps.

Most important, what Bill said before you work on the compressor or panel “Make sure the power supply is off!”

Square D high magnetic circuit brealer
Square D high magnetic circuit brealer

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Hi i have a Sanborn air compressor Mod. SP1682066 The only way i can start it is to turn the wheel for the belt on the compressor

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I’m guessing – does it buzz/hum before you give it a shove?
Start capacitor or centrifugal switch in motor bad. Check the cap first, it’ll be under one or the other of those humps on the motor.
Good luck.

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