Coleman Powermate trips breaker immediately on start, no load.

by Steven h.
(Illinois )

I have Coleman Powermate 21 gallon. Model VL0602112. Its a 15a compressor and I have it on a 15a breaker.

It started and ran fine about 4 times and then it tripped the breaker one day about half way full.

Ever since then it trips the breaker immediately when I flip the switch.

There is no pressure on the tank. I have pulled the check valve and even tried starting it with it off the tank. Still trips the breaker. Any Ideas? 15a breaker too small? Pressure switch bad?

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Mar 06, 2017
by: Steven H.

Thank you guys for your help. I finally got it plugged into a 20A and it fired right up with no issues. I will pull the breaker and replace it with a 20a since I have 12-2 wire in there. Thanks again for all the help and suggestions.

Mar 03, 2017
Tripping breaker
by: Buster Norris

Hey Steven, the first thing I would think about when a motor is running along and suddenly trips the breaker would be a bad motor! If you are handy with a multimeter, check for a ground on the motor leads, should be close to infinity, and for continuity between them, close to a short circuit. It could be a bad breaker also, and I would try what Bill suggests, check it on another circuit and see what happens! Just a thought, have a great day!!

Mar 03, 2017
Coleman Powermate trips breaker immediately
by: Bill

I'm guessing that it's a power supply issue, and agreeing that likely the 15 amp supply is marginal.

Can you try the compressor on a 20 amp supplied plug without using any extension cord?

Please let us know what the results were.

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