coleman powermate motor runs slow and stalls or just hums

by paul
(south bend. indiana)

Hi bill.

I have a coleman powermate 8 gallon 1HP oilless compressor, model CLC630812.

When you first start it up the motor takes 30 seconds ot so to get up to full rpms. It fills till the pressure switch shuts it off at 125 psi like it should.

Then when the pressure switch kicks in at 95 psi the motor tries to start and may make one or two revolutions the stops and begins to hum. Can you help me figure out what might be causing this?
thank you
Paul, if you empty the tank and start the air compressor, does it start OK? If so, check that the unloader valve is working.

Then, see the troubleshooting section for pages linking to compressors that hum or lug on startup for more info.

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