Coleman compressor - How do you clean check valve

Air bleeds from compressor after charging. How do you know if it is the check valve? How do you clean check valve? Checked all lines in and out of tank and compressor.Unloader valve discharges a lot of air while compressor operating. Compressor is a coleman.


Please read the pages linked from the site map about operation of the UNLOADER VALVE and also the operation of the CHECK VALVE.

"How do you know if it is the check valve?" The answer to that is described on the pages.

Also noted is the frequent location of the check valve, where the air from the top of the compressor pump enters the tank. Often, there is a tee off of an air line over to the pressure switch, and this is the line that goes, again normally, to your unloader valve.

It sure sounds like your check valve is leaking. Dump all the air from the compressors and unplug it before you start disassembling the line into the tank to pull the check valve, inspect it, make sure it closes, and reassemble.



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