Colman 60 gal. powermate compressor won't build any pressure.

Ok so bought this thing used has a aftermarket, princeS Autoknowbetter, pump and a 3.5 hp motor 220/240v

Just wired shed now go to use and makes lots noisse but no pressure on main gauge. (no regulator yet, but line has "M" coupler so is sealed.

So the dumbass ahead of me had the motor wired to the line side of switch, and feed going to the Motor side.

Switched these and still nothing. (however ran both ways and the off/auto switch did turn on and off)

The big copper line to the center top of tank will get hot fast.

then the little one goes to the pressure switch.

I try to feel air leaks but because the pump pulley is turning the air is everywhere.
I'm not even sure this thing is plumbed right, I am guessing the unloader is built into the switch? I do have the manual "whistle" on opposite side of switch than the copper tube.
Where do I start, to eliminate things.
I am knew to compressors but am small engine know it all!!! LOL

All my photos are to big for here. so posted few here

Bill says...

Don, the air line from the pump to the tank will get very hot, very fast, that is normal. The top of the pump and the line to the tank will typically get too hot too touch. So, that does not necessarily indicate a problem.

First, make sure your power supply is clean a right.

Disconnect the power, and pull the line from the fitting where it goes into the tank. That should be a check valve. Make sure it is clean and working.

After you have cleaned and replaced the check valve, leave the line from the pump off, and start the compressor. Can you feel air coming out of the line?

Next, go to the Troubleshooting section on the site map page, and follow the appropriate links for more things to check.

When you have done your checks, please post a comment here to tell us what you found, or to add information or another question.



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Dec 08, 2011
LOL Wow!!!
by: Don

Ok Bill that is great to know as I was going to go that far, but wanted to check here first. (the remove line see if pumping) Now I know there is a check valve in there.
So I will be honest here so everyone can get a chuckle out of it.
Didn't try those things yet I got it working.
Seems the most obvious, but understand that after seeing the wires in wrong spot I worried it was big.
The tank has the large nut tapped for a plug. Big old hole wide open, compressor is loud and 60Gal. so didn't notice it while stressing about what was going wrong now.... (I have had very rough few months, and today was one of worst days)
So long story short at least now I know I can dig in if need be.
Those that gigle (like me) at a trouble shooter guide and see "is it plugged in" this is just as simple.
Real good news is only need a $1.50 plug.
At least I can laugh at this one now...
Thanks again Bill.

Won't be the first, won't be the last Don.


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by Jeff
(Niagara county, New York)

I just bought a used coleman blackmax 25 gal 4.5 hp compressor. i brought it home and plugged it in my garage. when i turn the switch to on, the compressor runs like a top! Gets to 120psi like it should. it shuts itself off and produces the familiar hiss ( which i learned is excess pressure coming from the head so it doesnt restart under load).

Anyway here starts the problem. i hooked up a blower just to drop the tank pressure, which it did, it gets down to 90psi and flips back on.

but it is at this point that the motor barely starts, mabey rotates once, stops and starts to hum like electricity is running, but motor wont turn. dont wanna burn it up so shut it off. i shut it off and flipped it back on but again it wants to start but stops and humms! i then drained the tank and it refilled without a problem!! so my problem is it wont refill after pressure drop. its almost like there is to much pressure behind it so the motor cant restart. Please help!! any answer would be great!! thank you!!!
If the unloader is working properly, my next guess would be a start capacitor issue, providing you are not using an extension cord and the power is clean. If you are using an extension cord, plug the compressor into a socket directly and see if that solves the problem. If it doesn't check the capacitor next. See that how to page linked from site map.



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coleman blackmax unloader valve on new pressure switch leaks from 0 to 70psi. then works fine

by kevin

I have a coleman blackmax 80gal.2 stage compressor that had a leaking check valve and pressure switch.

I put on a new Campbell Hausfeld check valve and a new Campbell Hausfeld pressure switch made by Condor USA.

Now the unloader valve on the new pressure switch leaks from 0 up to about 70 psi.

then works as it should on up to cut off.I can drain the tank and it doesn't leak going down. I wondering is that the way the new unloader valve works or is it bad. Or could be the new check valve or new pressure switch. The only thing I have done is adjusted the pressure switch to compressor specs.(175psi.)
Kevin, I kind of recall seeing this post before, but I'm not sure.... so here goes, maybe again.

I have contacted Condor a number of times asking for a detailed explanation of how their pressure switches work, so I could pass that info on to visitors to this site. I spoke to them person to person, and sent a couple of follow up emails. They did not bother to respond at all. I do not, at present, have a compressor with a Condor switch, though I'm pretty sure that they are not supposed to leak at all...?

If you pull the tank check valve and try to blow through it, simulating air trying to get out of the tank, can you? If so, it is possible that the check valve is leaking up to your 70 PSI level, and then, the tank pressure finally forces it closed.

If not, and again - assuming - that the switch is not supposed to leak, then you've got a bum switch, as far as I'm concerned.

Keep us posted, will you, as a comment here, so we can all benefit from this.



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powermate handyman - it wont re-start

by josh
(NS, Canada)

i have a powermate handyman 11gal 4hp oilless compressor. it will start and fill and shut off fine (with the hiss from the unloader valve) but when i use the air and it tries to restart it either turns over really slow and then hums and wont start, or just humms and then eventually blows the breaker.

i took the check valve off and cleaned it/checked it. if i try to blow one way it flows, the other it doesnt, which sounds like what its supposed to do. however when i put it all back together it doesnt work still.

if i press the unloader valve button it keeps hissing any time i press it, so it sounds like the check valve is working out of the tank but not when its in the tank. if i bleed the air down manually to about 35psi the compressor starts and fills as it should again. do i need a new check valve?

Josh, you've done some good checks here.

If you are using an extension cord, try it when the compressor is plugged directly into a wall socket, will you?

If that doesn't solve the problem, based on what you have posted, and that you did already check the unloader, I suspect what you may have is a weak or failing capacitor. Check it (see page about that on this site) next.

Post any developments here as a comment, OK?



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