Cold Husky compressor stalls

I recently bought a husky horizontal 8 gal compressor. I followed the break in procedure, filled it with oil, ran it for 10min with the drain valve open. Then I closed the valve and it built pressure to ~100psi before I shut it off.

The next day I came out to find the tank empty due to a leaky regulator. I plugged it back in and it would only run to about 50 psi before the motor seemed really labored. At this point I shut if off because I didn't want to blow a fuse or pop a breaker.

I'm wondering if it's too cold and I need to let it warm up first? Temps are about 30f in the garage and it's only going to get colder.

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Dec 01, 2017
Husky stalls
by: Bill

Indeed, the colder the compressor gets, the harder it is to start, and eventually, as you've seen, a cold Husky, or other brand of compressor, may not start at all.

Have a look at this page for some tips:

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