Clarke Rebel tripping breaker

by O'Brien Jarvis

I have the clarke rebel 60 110v .

My problem is that the compressor starts and runs for 30 seconds and the breaker trips.

After another 30 seconds I reset the breaker and the machine will run for another 30 seconds and trips again and this will continue until the tank builds up.

Could this be a faulty breaker?


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Dec 15, 2016
Clarke Rebel breaker
by: Bill

All of a sudden issue, or ongoing since you've had the compressor.

Could be a weak thermal cut out... but it also could be that the switch has vibrated loose a bit and is closer to the windings, and thus heating up sooner and tripping the breaker.

Could also be a bone-fide overheat, caused by a too long extension cord, too small extension cord, a too small amperage power supply, or the capacitor is failing.

Want to provide a few more details?

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