Clarke Rebel Air 50 - no life :-(

by John

Clarke Rebel air compressor

Clarke Rebel air compressor

I have Clarke Rebel Air 50 that has recently been sluggish to start. Now there is no attempt to start and just sit there.

Could the sluggish behaviour be the bushes on the motor?

IS there a fuse in the equipment that could go open circuit or anything else for that matter.
Mains fuse(240v) is OK

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Sep 16, 2014
Rebel air sluggish starting
by: Bill

A number of issues could cause this, John.

Some checks you can make are noted on the troubleshooting page relating to air compressors that don't start.

However, if this were my compressor, the first thing I would do, based on your compressor symptoms, would be to check the start capacitor and there is a how to page on this site about doing just that.

Add a comment here with your findings if you wish.


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