Clarke Boxer recharging too early

by Rik

I recently upgraded my clarke 50 ltr compressor to one three times the size as i was getting cheesed of with having to wait for the old compressor to recharge or constantly running to keep up.

So I was somewhat disappointed with the new Clarke compressor (150ltr Boxer model) when the unit started kicking in when the reservoir dropped to 100 ltrs.

I was expected a lot more use from the compressor given the extra capacity.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Feb 19, 2017
Clarke Boxer recharging
by: Bill

Rik, I sense a bit of confusion as to how compressors, and Clarke Boxers, work.

The tank will pressurize to 10 bar (about 145 PSI) and shut the compressor off.

As you use air, the pressure in the tank will drop. When that pressure reaches the cut in pressure setting (I read the manual available on the Clarke website but couldn't find what that pressure was) the compressor will start.

The tank size only determines how long it will be between cut out (when the tank is full) and cut in, when the pressure has dropped.

You say that your compressor cuts in at 100 litres? That's odd. How do you know that?

If you meant that the compressor cuts in at 100 PSI or about 6 bar, that would make sense to me.

Regardless, if the compressor is cutting in often, and the compressor is working as designed, and you're unhappy with the frequency of cycle, either use less air with your air tools or get a bigger compressor, yet again.

Please see the pages on this site about sizing a compressor to help you better understand the correlation between air tool demand and compressor pump size.

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