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Clarke Air Compressors

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Clarke air compressors are supplied by Clarke Power Products UK through a chain of distributors.

Along with a limited range of air compressors, they also sell a broad range of other industrial equipment, equipment such as air tools and accessories, automotive products, electrical equipment, garage supplies, and many other products.

The first source of information about Clarke air compressors is to contact them:

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Clarke Air Compressors Contact Info

Clarke International
Shrubland Road
Main Telephone Number: 020 8988 7400 (24 hour Voicemail service outside business hours)
Fax Number (all Departments) 020 8558 3622

Clarke Air Compressors
Clarke Air Compressors

Lots of information about the Clarke range of products is also available on their website, https://www.clarkeinternational.com/

This page is here for the convenience of Clarke air compressor owners to find issues about and answers to do with Clarke compressors. These are contributed by folks that use them.

Clarke Air Compressor Manuals

Do have a Clarke compressor manual in digital format? Want to share it? You can upload a .pdf from with the form at the end of this page.

If you are unable to obtain a resolution to your particular Clarke compressor problem, why not ask your fellow users, by posting a question using the form at the end of this page?

Since a lot of folks visit this site every day, and a lot of them can benefit from your experience with Clarke compressors, please post answers about Clarke Air Compressors problems as a comment on any existing question to help others out if you can.

And maybe take a few minutes to review the troubleshooting section on the sitemap page for issues common to many air compressors including Clarke. You may find an answer to your compressor problem already posted.



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