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Clarke air compressors are supplied by Clarke Power Products UK through a chain of distributors.

Along with a limited range of air compressors, they also sell a broad range of other industrial equipment, equipment such as air tools and accessories, automotive products, electrical equipment, garage supplies, and many other products.

The first source of information about Clarke air compressors is to contact them:

Clarke Air Compressors Contact Info

Clarke International
Shrubland Road
Main Telephone Number: 020 8988 7400 (24 hour Voicemail service outside business hours)
Fax Number (all Departments) 020 8558 3622

Clarke Air Compressors
Clarke Air Compressors

Lots of information about the Clarke range of products is also available on their website,

This page is here for the convenience of Clarke air compressor owners to find issues about and answers to do with Clarke compressors. These are contributed by folks that use them.

Clarke Air Compressor Manuals

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Since a lot of folks visit this site every day, and a lot of them can benefit from your experience with Clarke compressors, please post answers about Clarke Air Compressors problems as a comment on any existing question to help others out if you can.

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To the pressure switch rubber bladder melted ac2001b. Where can I order one. [email protected]. Thank you

I have a Clarke Champ air compressor Model # AC2001B and I wanted to know if anyone would know if the threads on all the parts are metric sizes. I was trying to repair a couple of lines and I ended up cross threading a couple of them. One was on the Check Valve where the pipe goes into the valve. This pipe is about a 1/4 inch pipe that is connected to the pressure switch and check valve. I need to replace these two parts and I do not know where to get them. Any help would be greatly… Read more »

They may be metric, or BST, or another intermediate thread.
I suggest you go the McMaster-Carr website. They have almost everything you can imagine. They also have helpful info on most every page about the things on that page, like the specs for the threads. You use that info to determine what’s on the machine, and buy accordingly.
If you have trouble with the name of the thing you need, post pix and we can help out with that.

Good luck, and have fun.

Thanks Doug for the info. I will check the website out.

I also have this same model would you happen to have the manual to this model, the Clarke website has no info on it. Have you been able to identiy the small rectangular 3rd elecrical component wired to the 2 capacitors ? I would welcome any help that you can give me concerning this once very useful piece of machinery, hoping you can help me make it useful again.

Sorry, no. It seems to be a US model, and an orphan.
Does this component not have any ID numbers on it?
How, exactly, does it connect to the two capacitors? And for that matter, how are the capacitors connected, both to each other and the motor?

Yes to each other and then to the motor, the model number is as you mentioned AC2001B that is what made me contact you in the first place, I can’t find any info anywhere by any search. The model number is what caught my eye on this forum that is why I contacted you. Are you saying now that you don’t have access to this model compressor ?

Right. It’s been asked about, but no real info from Clarke.
But if you can supply any info about that component, and/or a pic, I/you may be able to find a source for it, if it’s at fault.
What’s your symptom, anyway? Or are you just looking for the manual?

I have a 2Hp /20 gallon Clarke Ranger air compressor Model# AC2005A. I can not seem to find a replacement check valve. Does anyone know where I could find a replacement. When I enter the model number it on any site it doesn’t show it existing even. Any help would be greatly appreciated..

There are scads of check valves out there. The “trick” is to determine what sizes and threads you need. Depending on if yours was made in North America or G.B., it may have metric threads on one or both ends as well as the unloader port.
If the thread is tapered, it’s more likely NTP and you should check a table for actual sizes to pipe size. That is, pipe is bigger than you’d expect for the “size” it is.

I am looking for a cylinder head for a Clarke Bronco air compressor…..part # AC2000B-0046…..Does anyone know where I might find one? Any help pointing me in the right direction would help,contacted Clark in the UK and told me I’d have to find a dealer because they couldn’t sell me one???? Thanks,Brian

Well, this is news….from the website parts form:
“Due to restrictions laid down by our Insurance Company we are unable to supply North America.”
Know anybody in Australia or even South America, maybe Argentina? Maybe they could re-ship to you.
Otherwise, the usual places – fleabay and the like.
Is your head FUBAR?

What is FUBAR?

Uhmmm…fouled up beyond all repair. In other words, cracked or otherwise severely damaged.