Charge Air Pro unloader leaking

I have a old Charge air pro compressor by Ingersoll-Rand with a 5 hp 240V motor.

The factory installed telemecanigue pressure switch went bad. i replaced it with a Condor 3FWF9 grainger item number pressure switch.

Once the compressor starts building pressure air flows out the unloader valve at a high steady rate.

If i turn the compressor off the check valve closes and air stops leaking. once i turn the compressor back on, air again purges.

The problem seems to be completly backwards. I understand that once the tank pressure builds there should be a burst to relief head pressure.

My compressor just bypasses until power is removed and then the tank holds pressure. I thought i had a faulty part so the store sent me a replacement. Both switch have the same issue. I'm lost! Thanks for the help.

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