Charge air pro irf420-1 fan keeps breaking apart

by Rusty Williams
(Rembert, SC, USA)

Over 20 yrs, No problems. Dad died, and the “squirrel cage fan” burst spart. Purchased correct model and it has 3 holes in it! Why 3?????? I placed it, where it wouldn’t hit bottom plate. Torqued as much as thought safe. Ran great first time at 90psi max, No vibrations! Yesterday, 2nd time used, the “ feathers” (plastic blades) came out like a chicken plucker.& bam. Help! What hole to use,do I torque it more, tighten every use? The compsny from Nashville, 1800 Toolrepair1 are wonderful, and sending me new one. P.S. Do not buy Assurant Ins on Ebay for it, they will Not cover it, but did give me the little dollar back. Help.

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Jun 26, 2018
Fan exploded
by: Chris

I've had the same model for over 20 yrs too and my dad died last year. A few months later the fan exploded on it! Weird huh..

Feb 23, 2018
Fan breaks
by: Doug in

Is the Z-AC-0140 bearing/counterweight intact?

The torque is 80-100 in-lbs. on the screw into the bearing.

I can't tell for sure, but looks like the extra holes are supposed to keep it from moving around on the bearing, which may be missing.

Some engineering on your part may be required...

Good luck. Let us know if you find a work-around.

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