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Tonya Phillips

I have a Charge air pro 60 gal 6.5 the compressor is getting hotter then normal.. What would cause that? Thank you


Howdy Tonya. How old is the Charge Air Pro? I’m assuming the 6.5 refers to the horsepower? Are you running the compressor longer than normal or is it just getting hotter with your regular use, and using it for the same time frame before it didn’t get as hot?

This is a Charge Air Pro 6.5 HP air compressor
This is a Charge Air Pro 6.5 HP air compressor

Also, wondering how you monitored the heat? Just feeling that it seems warmer, or is the compressor tripping thermal overload.

Maybe you could provide a bit more information to help us all dial in on the compressor problem?


Visit our Air Compressor Capacitor Guide for more information on capacitors.


Tonya L Phillips

Yes sir 6.5 hp It is a 98. It will be running no more then 5 mins. It starts chartering and by touch it’s really hot. My husband has put fresh oil in it. My Uncle just bought it from someone they of course said there was nothing wrong with it. It does what its suppose to but is getting too hot.


OK, thanks for the clarification.

If the compressor is running and filling the thank and cutting out when the tank fills to the correct cut out pressure, and the compressor motor / pump is really hot, then that points to a power problem, not necessarily with your power supply, but within the motor itself.

If this was my compressor my next step in checking the problem would be to (carefully if you have never done it) check the capacitors. How? That’s covered here.

If the capacitor (probably the run cap) has failed then it’s time for a new one. How to buy one? That’s covered here.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out, will you?


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