Charge Air Pro brand under Devilbiss Co. - any info?

by William Ward (Will)
(Akron, Ohio (USA)

Hello, Yes, I purchased this 20 Gallon 220V 6.5 HP unit off of Craigs list. I had a devil of a time finding anything on it. The Charge Air Pro Stickers have been removed. The labeling of the company info was off due to abrasion in that area. The tank has a metal nomenclature plate indicating Devilbiss Co. background.

The CFM ratings seem to be very good. The owner stated he doesn't use it anymore since they got the new house. The garage does not have 220. Sold it to me for $60 Bucks.

If anyone has information on this unit I would appreciate at. A manual would be nice too. I have an 80 gallon tank and I am thinking about tieing these two together.

Most appreciated & to our fine host Bill for putting this together for us out in the field.

I will post a picture later as the garage is not attached.

my name is Will.

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