Charge Air Pro Air Compressors

I've had a few questions about Charge Air Pro air compressors of late, with some of them posted in the comments section of other brands. Unfortunatley. There certainly seems to be an interest in this compressor brand so here is a user information and question page for the Charge Air Pro air compressor.

It appears as though Charge Air Pro air compressors were manufactured by Ingersoll Rand between 1983 and 1991. If you have one of these air compressors, know that there was an official recall of them. You do want to read the recall notice here.

It also looks like more recent Charge Air Pro air compressors were a brand of DeVilbiss Air Power Company of Jackson, Tenn., who are also now supplying and private labeling some Porter Cable, Craftsman, Husky and other brands of air compressors.

Devilbiss contact information:

Devilbiss Air Power Company
4825 Highway 45 N
Jackson, Tennessee 38305-7900

Charge Air Pro air compressors

Charge Air Pro compressors are still being sold, but as rebuilt or well used, but not new. One outlet currently offering what they say is a Devilbiss Charge Air Pro air compressor is located in Martin Michigan. All Parts Inc. is the company name, and they offer a parts list and manual download too. (

If you have a Charge Air Pro air compressor and need a bit of help maybe first see the troubleshooting pages on this site about problems and solutions that are common to many types of air compressors. If there is no answer on those pages then by all means please use the form below to post your question.

If you can help with a question from other Charge Air Pro compressor owners, please add a comment to that post. Other Charge Air Pro air compressor users, and I, say thanks a lot!


Charge Air Pro air compressors

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Other visitor's issues with Charge Air Pro air compressors.

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Looking for replacement brushes 
I have the 3/4hp Charge Air compressor. Work bench series. It slows down then speeds up and repeats. I was thinking possibly replace the brushes …

Parts for a 5B50E60B Chargair 
I need to find some rebuild parts for this chargair unit. Need rings / parts for a 5B50E60B Chargair. S/N B 3 167 375

Flywheel for a CP0300 
Does anyone want to sell their flywheel from a 3hp 30gal. Mine got tipped over and it broke.

ChargeAir Pro CPO200E20 Pressure switch 
My pressure switch has burned up and I'm trying to locate a replacement. I have the original manual with switch part number but can't find a hit from …

charge air pro 60 gallon 6.5hp filter retainer missing? 
Just bought a charge air pro 60 gallon 6.5hp, after I bought it I noticed that the filter retainer is missing, my question is what is the filter made out …

CFM for 4HP - 12 Gal Charge Air Pro? 
I have a Charge Air Pro 4HP 12 Gal tank. What is the CFM rating for this at 80 PSI or 90 PSI? Thank you very much.

What is my cfm of charge air pro 5HP Model iR5E6VA/11466 
Hi. I have a charge air pro 5HP Model iR5E6VA/11466. can you tell me what the CFM is for this compressor. thank you Steve

Charge Air Pro repairs parts 
Hi, I've just wrote a comment asking for help about repair parts for our broken charge air pro... In attached you'll find the pictures of the compressor …

Charge air pro irf420-1 fan keeps breaking apart 
Over 20 yrs, No problems. Dad died, and the “squirrel cage fan” burst spart. Purchased correct model and it has 3 holes in it! Why 3?????? I placed it, …

Charge air pro ir5e30 parts 
Ok so my stepdad and mom bought new house the person they bought from left them the air compressor in the basement they have since given it to me. It …

What's a charge air pro model irl 5020 worth  
Runs great it's a 5 to 20 gallon twin cylinder model irl 5020 it is like new wanting to know what it's worth?

Need head gasket for my compressor of 5h 20 gallons 
No air compression not working. Where can I get the parts? Thank you;

switch motor to 120 VAC on model 1R5E20AD-2? 
own charge air pro. model 1R5E20AD-2 ser.. 9501019755 20gal 5hp, stored in barn wrapped in plastic since new... given to me several years ago. …

IR Charge Air Pro recall notice from 2002 is still in effect. 
I purchased the IR Charge Air Pro model number IR250E20 in 1988. I needed to find check valve parts when I came across the recall notice from 2002 for …

Volume of oil in compressor 
Charge Air Pro, Ingersoll-Rand, model CP0200E20: I cannot see oil CLEARLY in visual sight glass; how much oil volume is there; 1.5 quarts?

Pro Air 5.5 hp 20 gal trips the 20 amp breaker 
I have a Pro Air 5.5 hp 20 gal, I turn it on and within 5-10 sec it trip the 20 amp breaker. I have disconnect the motor from the power led and it …

Gages set for 125 psi, but only delivers 50 psi through the hose. 
Charge Air Pro by DeVilbiss. 5hp 20gal twin cylinder, 125 psi max and 120 volt. Both the tank pressure gauge and the outlet pressure gauge are set …

Compressor stops at low pressure 
I have a 6.5 hp 60 gallon Charge Air compressor that is wired for 120v. It was working fine for the guy I bought it from, but now it will run until …

Charge Air Pro brand under Devilbiss Co. - any info? 
Hello, Yes, I purchased this 20 Gallon 220V 6.5 HP unit off of Craigs list. I had a devil of a time finding anything on it. The Charge Air Pro Stickers …

Compressor motor is smoking 
Motor starts smoking after 1 minute of run time

Value of charge air pro compressor and can I get parts 
I have found a 60 gallon 6.5 horsepower charge air pro compressor at a yard sale and it has never been hooked up. How much would it be worth and if I do …

Cant find parts for Chargeair pro 
I have 5hp 60 gal Chargeair pro and need head gasket . Thanks

4hp 20 gallon charge air pro slows down 
Starts fine but after about 30 seconds or so it slows down until the motor stops and then I assume the heat switch in the motor pops. Wait a few minutes …

Line to the pressure switch keeps blowing off 
I have a charge air pro 5hp / 20 gallons. The little rubber hose going from the metal air inlet line to the pressure switch keeps blowing off at 80lbs …

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Air compressor motor shuts down and won't re-start 
Charge Pro portable 5 gallon Air compressor. 2 tubes coming off head. One is alum line and goes to tank. The other one appears to be plastic …

Head gasket for 2 hp charge air compressor 
I have model number LR2C20/11728 and I cant find a head gasket for it, any help would be great.

I am trying to find a part for a Charge Pro IRL6560V  
I am trying to locate the power box component. The best I can describe it is where the 3 wires from the motor connect as well as the 3 wires from …

Charge air pro air compressor pressure switch problem? 
My charge air pro air compressor has a 5hp engine and hold 20 gallons of air. I was wondering if i can change the pressure switch replacing it with …

Charge Air Pro unloader leaking 
I have a old Charge air pro compressor by Ingersoll-Rand with a 5 hp 240V motor. The factory installed telemecanigue pressure switch went bad. i replaced …

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